I want to be able to set my own "Order ID" for each sale in my store.

Needs to be sequential and not random. Can this be done?

  • Alexander

    Hi @David,

    I'm sorry, this wouldn't be possible without custom development. We don't undertake custom development at WPMU DEV, but if you need to hire a developer you can checkout our job boards: https://premium.wpmudev.org/join

    Keep in mind that the order ID being random is intentional, much like any other e-Commerce system. For example, with sequential order numbers, other users could easily figure out how to track orders that don't belong to them.

    If you opted for a sequential order number, you'd need to either disable the order tracking, or make modifications allowing it to test wether a logged in user is the owner of that order.

    To give a bit of information on how the custom coding would work, you can use the MarketPress mp_order_id filter. You can see this being applied in marketpress.php on line 3298.

    Taking a look, we see that the developer even warns against using sequential IDs
    $order_id = apply_filters( 'mp_order_id', $order_id ); //Very important to make sure order numbers are unique and not sequential if filtering

    Best regards,

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