I want to create an access level that uses existing short codes

My site is an educational one teaching a language. I have made two access levels and two subscription plans based on each access level.
The subscriptions are one time subscriptions so the subscriber has access for the existence of the site.
I want to create now a subscription plan offering a discount when the subscriber buys access to both level 01 and level 02

Can you help me do that.

  • MScott821

    Nick -

    Perhaps I am missing something in what you want, but if not, it seems to me that it should be simple:

    Create a new subscription, with payment/pricing/coupon (once they are working) however you want and add your two existing access levels to the one combined subscription...

    Nope - just tried that and it doesn't seem that you can have them be in multiple access levels at exactly the same time.

    It is looking to me that you have to create a whole new access level which gives access to both sets of levels made previously. Could be wrong and just not seeing what to do...

    FWIW - You can clone an existing access level, so you could take the more complex level, clone it and then add in the remainder of the stuff. Would save a little time perhaps...

  • Kimberly

    Hey there!

    Nick is onto something :slight_smile:

    Since your combined access level would be decidedly less restrictive than the level 1 or 2 alone, you'd easily create a third access level that gives you access to all of the content, taking care to just add the negative rules (if there are any) and creating a subscription with that new combined access level

    Let us know if this doesn't work!


  • nick_fallows

    Hi Kimberley,
    I am trying to get my head around your response. I had created another access level and the requisite short codes were generated but as far as I can see you can't use more than one set of short codes on a page so that I could have someone with access to level 01 and someone with access to the discount level accessing the same page - do you get what I mean?

    Now, are you suggesting that I would take out the existing short codes allowing access to level one and level two and replacing it with a discount access short code and also negative rules to exclude some people but not others - sounds horribly complicated.

    You obviously have a really good grasp of how 'membership' works but for me who is just getting started you need to assume a kind of idiot level of knowledge and spell out how with steps how to do something.

    I'd really appreciate that.


  • Kimberly


    The shortcode usage you describe is a bit more complex than just the example you gave in the initial post.

    Here is what my reply was meant to suggest and what I understood, and lastly your options, from what I see:

    My understanding is that you have 2 different access levels for your language site. I'd like more info on what you are using the shortcodes for, as there is probably a better way to handle them (using the exclusionary codes, perhaps). If you are not trying to protect different portions of a single page, then the shortcodes are unnecessary and you only need the access level rules to create your protection for each access level.

    If you have level 1 access that has negative access rules for categoroy A, B and C but can access Posts and Forums.

    Then you have level 2 access that has negative access to Posts and Forums but can access Categories A, B and C.

    And you wish to create a third that combines the two, then you'd create a third access level with no negative rules.

    Does this make sense?

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