I want to customize my prosite new site subscription form I need help anyone?

Basically I search a lot and find that to make registration form like that of edublog and wordpress.com cannot be done by using plugins I have php knowledge but I don't have enough knowledge to how customize any plugin and enhance it's functionality. In short I want any member to help me or track me to the right direct so that I can achieve the above mentioned Task. Thanks in advance

  • Luís
    • Support

    Hi Sectretary ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    There is some suggestions to modify the Pro Sites registration form using Gravity Forms and their User Registration Add-on.

    Also there is a topic with unofficial plugin that may interest you:


    However, If you can give us more details about the modifications you want to do, I can ping our SLS team to give some directions.

    Cheers, Luís

  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello Sectretary , I hope you are doing well today!

    The Pro Site has a built it specific site creation process. To make the same registration process as WordPress.com have, it will require editing the plugin's core files or creating a new sign up form integrated with the Pro Site plugin.

    As Luis has suggested you can create new signup form with the Gravity Forms plugin.

    The WordPress.com site registration (which is pretty awesome) is a custom made form and it can't be found, ready out of the box (I've searched for any reference how to create it, online, unfortunately, there is no information available).

    Creating a WordPress.com like sign up form looks a very complex task as it needs several code languages, like PHP, JavaScript and even more. This is out of a scope that we can provide in our forums. You may ask for a developer assistance in the Jobs & Pros section, to create a sign up form like this and integrate it with Pro Site.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

    Kind Regards,

  • Steve
    • New Recruit

    James Farmer The registration page really needs to be the focus of the team. I can not believe that it is almost 2017 and the registration page out of the box is this bad. It's not responsive, it's not customizable, it's just very bad looking and to fix it you need to dig into all kinds of code or hire someone, or pay another $200 for a developer license of another plugin and then still tinker with code, only to have it break if an update conflicts with anything. This is not acceptable. I've seen requests dating back to 2013 for this to be fixed and still it's as bad as ever. I see responses that it's too complicated to fix...well I'm sure by now there should be some progress if it's being taken seriously.

    Prosites is almost awesome...almost. However, the registration page is the most important part of the plugin if you plan to actually use it to sell sites. This is where we are asking for the sale, it's where the client needs to feel comfortable that they are getting a reputable product and their sites will look good...what does it say to them when the registration page is all broken and hard to navigate? Come on guys, you can do better than this!

    We should not be expected to purchase plugins for hundreds of dollars and/or spend hours fixing the checkout to bring it up to minimum design standards of this era. Also, anyone using this seriously should be split testing the registration form to get the best conversion rates, and it should be easy to make changes to the design of the form or collect additional info. I've never seen a plugin this bad at design for the most crucial part of the sales process. Why can't we get separate pages for each product that we can link to from our own forms instead of the dynamically generated forms? It's like your not even trying to improve this glaring flaw in your product.

    Since I do not foresee a real fix coming anytime soon, can you please create some easy to understand tutorials on how to customize this mess? Not links to a bunch of forum posts, but an official blog post with a walk through on how to make this look like it's not from the year 2001?

    Sorry if this came of harsh, but I'm frustrated and honestly in disbelief at this. We finally got around to testing out your product that we paid for and things were going good until we looked at the registration page. Hopefully someone takes this as constructive criticism and fixes it soon...it's already been years.

  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello Steve and tripvendor

    Thank you so much for this suggestions!

    I understand your frustration, just want to add a note that the Pro Site plugin does have built in settings to adjust the pricing tables styling. There are 5 table layouts that you can choose from, go to Pro Sites > Pricing Table > Styling

    Once you scroll down, you can customize columns and change a color of every detail in Pricing tables. There's a "Custom CSS" box where you can add additional CSS code to style the "look and feel" of tables. If you wish, we could help you changing the look of the pricing tables sing CSS code and we will provide a code to make the tables responsive.

    Just let us know what you need in a new thread. You can create a new thread here:

    I hope this will help!

    Kind regards,

  • Richard
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I returned after two years, hoping that the Prosites sign-up form is now up to standard and was shocked to see that nothing has been done to develop it, nothing at all, zero, nada, ziltch.

    We get absurd answers like, hire a developer, spend hundreds of dollars more on plugins, we will add it to feature requests, waste weeks on CSS styling etc., but not one developer from wpmudev, taking just a week to make this form functional and friendly towards our needs.

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