I want to develop a "replicator" type site for a specific

I want to develop a "replicator" type site for a specific profession, with different membership levels. So the idea is that each registered member can create their own blog on my platform, but must also be able to have it show as if it is on their own domain if they go for a premium subscription, select from say 3 templates and different plug ins for different membership levels. All their posts publish to everyone's blog on the platform so that all their clients / subscribers can benefit from each others professional "articles" / posts. Then have couple extra features like appointment bookings, newsletter tosubscribers, etc for each member, with different subscription levels, e.g. basic subscription can only have one service for appointments, premium member unlimited services, etc.
Can these things be achieved with wpmudev? suggestions / advice please?

  • Vaughan
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    thanks for the post.

    most of the things you ask for are possible, i'm not sure if it's possible to only allow 1 service for specific member levels though.

    you would need to use a plugin such as pro-sites so you can offer premium themes/plugins, post quotas etc.

    new blog templates plugin will allow you to offer them pre-configured site templates.

    autoblog could handle the posts on each site.

    domain-mapping will be needed to allow them to use their own domain names.

    i would have a good read of the usage pages for each plugin. especially domain mapping, i would leave that till last.

    hope this helps

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