I want to have two sign up pages. One for the membership

I want to have two sign up pages. One for the membership levels and the other for what we call our "products" which is really just another type of membership level because it gives access to a specific section.

  • jetmac

    Actually, I want this same thing.

    I'd like to bring in premium members classified at a specific membership level but then offer them additional features for a price. The reason to specify a single membership level is for sorting and such on the page -- all of those members, regardless of their level of service, will be indexed as a group.

    I have no problems combining Pro-Sites with membership if this will acheive the goal.

  • Mike

    Hi @PlanetWaves

    Can you not just use multiple membership access levels and allow access to certain areas depending on levels?

    You could have level 1 which allows access to content, level 2 which allows access to products, and level 3 which allows access to both.

    That way the signup form could be the same.

    Are you using MarketPress for the products or are they just Wordpress pages?

    @jetmac Ideally you should start a separate thread, because chances are you won't want the exact same setup and this thread could quickly get messy. But if you do want the same thing, would the above solution not work for you? Have one level that offers access to certain pages, and another level that offers access to those pages, and the classifieds.


  • PlanetWaves


    All the products are WordPress pages and can be purchased individually. They are all included in the top subscription level but the idea is that a lower level can purchase each page individually.

    I have a separate post regarding an issue i'm having where if an access level is subscribed to and then a product subscribed to (technically also an access level), the protected content rules are conflicting and the page content is not accessible.

    But, in anticipation to that being resolved, I want to have one form just for the membership levels and another for the "products" which are the subscriptions to individual pages.

  • Mike

    Hi @PlanetWaves

    Ok I think I understand.

    You need to make sure that all of the Membership access levels only restrict certain content. You'll probably need to use the advanced tab and then have some positive rules and some negative rules.

    Then your other system shouldn't conflict.

    How long will people have access to a product after they have subscribed to it? Will they have access forever or is it limited?

    If you want to limit it you could perhaps use the Pay Per View plugin to achieve that.


  • PlanetWaves

    We are open to other plugins. The "product" that I referred to are individual pages (or posts) and change year to year so the access is forever. In fact we may retire previous years so they will not be limited and just have the current year's pages protected.

    I was wondering about positive and negative rules but honestly i'm confused how to work them.

    Here is how I have it set up now. All positive rules.

    - welcome category which has one post
    -join, login, membership, customer service, contact and about pages
    everything in visitor plus
    -account, my memberships
    -monthly horoscopes category
    everything in free plus
    -all horoscope categories

    So these are the main memberships and the issue has to do with the visitor - premium levels where the readings section is protected. There are several readings, a new one comes out every month, and they can be purchased individually. We really want them to be on a separate page from the join page since they are not really "memberships" so perhaps the plugin you suggested.

  • Mike

    Hi @PlanetWaves

    Ok I think I understand now.

    Using the Pay Per View plugin you could keep it separate and there are two ways to do it:
    1) Day Pass - Cookie based and provides access for a day to a single post
    2) Subscription - Provides access to everything for a recurring charge

    Based on what you have said I don't think this will be the best way forward.

    The way you have your levels set up is correct, and I think the only real way to do what you want and automate it, is to add a new level for each page, however for people to be able to add the level on their existing plan you would have to duplicate the levels for each. Alternatively you could just set up a manual payment system with a PayPal button and then password protect the posts with passwords that you give people when they pay.

    It would be better if the membership levels you have set up could just access the other pages too, otherwise it will very quickly get very complicated and difficult to manage.

    Alternatively, they could be on a separate 'mini site' and you could have Membership running on there too, that way people could have access to both. You'd be best to use a multisite though and again it could get complicated.


  • PlanetWaves

    You are right, the pay for view plugin won't work because the charge is one time only.

    The levels suggestion is not practical. There are two main levels that need access and 15 different reading subscriptions. People can purchase one or several readings. Do the math, there are tons of combinations. That won't work.

    The manual payment system is an option but it is cumbersome because the third level has access to everything and they would have to type in tons of passwords.

    What I don't understand is why does this plugin allow for multiple subscriptions if in fact, it doesn't support it in terms of how it functions? This was a key factor when evaluation whether to implement this plugin in the first place.

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