I want to make BP Social header more mobile responsive

Hi I'm using the BP Social Theme. I've looked up older posts that say it isn't mobile responsive, but it appears to be now?

The home page looks good on mobile. I've have some screen shots from my iphone that show that the header doesn't go all the way to the right on the Member pages like Profile, Activity, Members Directory, etc.

On those pages, at first the header shows up fine, and the activity below it is partially hidden on the right hand side. So I zoom out, and now can see full activity...but now the header is only half way across the screen.

I don't see anywhere to attach the images to this post.

I'm pretty familiar with Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP. I'm new to Buddypress and WPMU. I'm somewhat familiar with responsive design.

I have a child theme setup, and I'm guessing I need to change some CSS using some media tags for mobile?

Is anyone else having this problem, and what was the solution?