I want to override poll submission with my own ajax function

I want to override the submission of a poll form myself with ajax so I can initiate a download on completion. Is that possible? How can I do this?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Tom

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question.

    There's an API available for Forminator (see docs here) but I think this wouldn't yet be possible "out of the box".

    However, maybe we could find another way but let me first make sure that we're on the same side. If I correctly understand, the poll should work as it "normally do" (with Ajax disabled) but the point is that after it's submitted it should additionally automatically "pop up" forced download of a given file, right? Or should it take user to some other page too? The file is always the same or should depend on the submission?

    I'm asking because it might be possible to do it as follows: use a regular poll with all the "regular submission" but then hook up to one of a vote saving routines and use that to fire up some script that would force download. I'd need to consult our developers on this but do you think that could work for you?

    Best regards,

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