I want to provide a chat service similar as WPMUDEV, pls help me


I am using chat application, i have given only subscribers to chat. But i don't want them to start chat directly, i want a moderator to start the chat session. I want to provide a wpmudev kind of similar service.

Until Moderator start i want a similar kind of popup to come and display. Even when chat has been closed the again popup has to come.

Until the time appears link shouldn't work, if works pop-up has to display asking them to wait similar as(https://premium.wpmudev.org/live-chats/2014/03/general-wordpress-and-buddypress-57-165-76/)

I don't know what popup's you have used there, so please help me with this.

Is there any tool to show case the chat session timings along with support person details, in the same way as you provided in your live support page(https://premium.wpmudev.org/live-support/)

Please help me.