Membership - Restrict access to "X" number of visits

I want to restrict access by number of times access is granted (I will manually be marking it as redeemed) so that users can by a 5 access pass.

Any way of doing this with membership or do I need to use marketpress for this part?

  • Patrick

    Hi @Alyx

    Welcome to the forums!

    Membership subscription plans are based on time durations, not number of visits, so that wouldn't work.

    I took a look at Pay Per View, but that wouldn't work either because it is time-based access also.

    With MarketPress, you can sell anything you like, whether physical or digital goods.

    So you could use MarketPress to sell a downloadable file containing some kind of access code.

    But, here again, we run into the problem of granting access for a specified number of sessions, rather than for a set duration.

    Do you already have a system in place that can restrict access after a given number of sessions?

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