i want to sell a service at home. This service has two

i want to sell a service at home.
This service has two diferent durations one of 30 min an another of 60 min.
What i really want is when somebody chose one of them the plugin generates an extra time of 30 min in order to cover the didplacement between fiferent locations.

I mean if somebady wants to get an appointmen at 10:00 of 30 min, in the schedule appear busy from 10:00 to 10:30 choose by the client and an extra 10:30 to 11:00 ( also busy) automaticly by the plu in. And of couse the costumer only pay for 30 min.

Is posible to do that.

I was trying to do with some of the parameters but i couldnt.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @wordev,

    I'm sorry, no this isn't possible with appointments+ The best thing to do in cases like this would be to set the service duration to 1hr, and in the description state it's 30 minutes. This would also prevent someone from booking, let's say 11:30-12:30 after 10:00-11:00 was booked - which would cost 30 minutes of unbooked time for that day.

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    Hi @wordev,

    The Admin side time is for when site admins book new appointments manually, or modify existing appointments. So if you allow appointments to be booked over the phone, they could still be created within appointments+ The admin could just add the new appointment, and wouldn't be limited to the time setup on the calendar availability.

    This is also for modifying appointments, for instance if you need to reschedule with a client for only 15 minutes, you could make the change as well.

    It's really just for the convenience of who's managing the calendar. This way they don't need to strictly work within the confines of the service durations.

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  • Alexander
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    Well, I wouldn't say 100% impossible. It's not possible at the plugin right now, but could be included with custom development. If you really need the feature you could look into posting a listing at WPMU Jobs so someone can build it for you.

    I'm sorry you're still having a hard time with the admin time feature. To simplify further, it's not for the main calendar, rather to allow admins to override and reschedule individual appointments on a case by case basis

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  • pxwm
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    Hi @Alexander Rohmann - Hope you don't mind me making a suggestion.

    Hi @wordev

    I've been thinking about an interim solution for you based on the current version of the plug-in and I've found a post that may provide you with a solution.

    The post can be found at: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/different-time-base-for-each-service-on-appointments-wpmudev-plugin

    This solution is based on:-

    you only being able to make a booking on the hour
    using the monthly calendar
    you only have one service that can be booked on the hour for a 30min duration

    If you only wanted to show the customer that the appointment was 30mins then:-

    set the time base to 30 in the A+ 'General' tab
    set the service to 30min duration in the A+ 'Services' tab

    Then add the code in the following post in your functions.php file (this is part of your theme)

    Confirm the ID of your service by goind to A+ 'Services' tab and the ID of the service is on the far left

    Then replace the '2' in the code below with the ID of your service in the line [if ( 2 != $appointments->service )]
    You may also wish to change all references to 'servicename' to the name of your service

    ** Suggest you make a full back-up of your website and database before making the changes.

    Then either using the editor under Appearance in Wordpress or go to your cPanel and select 'File manager' and locate the functions.php file.
    It will probably be in the directory: wp-content\themes\[then the theme name you are using]
    Then select the file and use 'code editor' to open the file and make the change
    Add the code at the very bottom and then save

    function modify_for_servicename( $class_name, $ccs, $cce) {
    global $appointments;
    // Replace 2 with your service ID for servicename
    if ( 2 != $appointments->service )
    return $class_name;
    // Check if $ccs divisible by 3600 which means 1 hour
    if ( $ccs % 3600 == 0 )
    return $class_name;
    return 'app_hide';
    add_filter( 'app_class_name', 'modify_for_servicename', 10, 3 );

    Once saved close the code editor and log-out of cPanel

    Then log-in to Wordpress using Admin

    Select A+ settings and go to the 'general' tab
    Scroll down and add the following on a new line in the 'Additional css Rules' field


    Don't forget this will only work in the monthly calendar so you may have to change the settings in your current appointment page.
    You may also want to check the A+ 'Working Hours' tab to make sure they are set correctly.

    Refresh your appointment page and then try making an appointment

    Hope this helps

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