i want to understand the difference between Marketpress and the various WooCommerce aspects

Hey. Okay. I'm really trying to understand the pro's & con's of using either Marketpress or WooCommerce.

The ultimate goal is to have a number of sites within my multi sites ecosystem that are all capable of supporting individual vendors and individual themes; an idea i'm sure You're all familiar with.

WooCommerce has many themes and lots of extensions and plugins, all of which are surprisingly expensive. Yet at the same time, Themeforest totes WooCommerce plugins all the time.

What is the difference? I want something easy and functional for my Self and my users.

Ultimately, the multisite environment that i'm going for will incorporate:

Pro Sites / a Marketplace / A School / Subscriptions to various Authors (paid for), and a wikipedia.

I want the Pro sites to be paid for/tier based, the school to have courses paid for, Authors within the site to be paid for their writing.

Can Marketpress do all of this? Again, noticing the many themes which tote 'WooCommerce' this and that, it seems they have large market share and suggested compatibility.

However, I like WPMUDEV and I want to understand the difference.

I want it easy. EASY to deal with. I do not understand the many, many extensions to Woocommerce versus the supposed 'all included' quality of Marketpress.

Thank you in advance. Would You please explain thoroughly; noting how either/or of the plugin systems would enable the membership/educational/authors distinction.