I want to use classifieds with the members mod.

1) When I am setting up the classified ads mod it is asking me to assign a member's role. Since I am am also using the membership mod and have 3 levels of members ( silver, gold, and platinum) what do I choose here? Do I add silver gold and platinum? If so is it case sensitive?

2) I want to be able to allow logged in users to post classifieds for free, but charge non members a flat fee to post. It looks like it can do this out of the box, but what settings do I need to change to accomplish this?


  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Jesse

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    The Assign Member's Role setting in the Classifieds plugin is where you select the WordPress role that should be assigned to new users who sign up to your site via the Classifieds signup page. That has nothing to do with the subscriptions you have created with the Membership plugin.

    However, if you have assigned a Default Subscription in Membership (under the General tab), and have assigned a specific WordPress role to the 1st access level in that subscription (under the Advanced tab when creating/editing an access level), you may want to assign the same role in the Classifieds plugin to avoid any potential conflicts in capabilities.

    I want to be able to allow logged in users to post classifieds for free, but charge non members a flat fee to post.

    Unfortunately, that cannot be done as users must have an account on your site in order to create ads and have access to the "My Ads " and "My Credits" (if using credits) pages.

    Please let us know if this helps, and don't hesitate to post again if you need to.

    • Jesse
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      Partick, thank you for your response. In regards to question 2 what if I had a "Free Membership" level that had no access to the protected content, but still allowed them to create an account. Is there a way that I could force "free members" to pay the fee and allow the upper level members to post for free?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Jesse!

    Yes! As long as the users are members of the site, they can be granted access to the Classifieds tools, so you can use any of the payment systems (credits, recurring, or flat rate.) Since you're using Membership here, and want Members to have free posting, your best bet will probably be credits, because you can give Membership members credits (to be the equivalent of free posting) and still charge non-Membership members. Does that make sense? We can't mix free and paid Classifieds, but we can work around it with credits.

    As of right now, I don't see an out of the box way to auto-distribute credits to Membership members, however. I'd think it might be possible to extend the way credits are distributed, to include actions in addition to payment, like logging in, or renewing a membership. That's a little more than I can whip up in a support thread, but it may be something to consider.

    Does this help, Jesse? Thanks for coming by chat today! Heading to your other thread now.

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