I want to use the BuddyBar, not the WP Admin bar – how?

I also post this same question in the support forums at BuddyPress.org – I’m posting it here too in case someone knows the answer. I really want to get a grasp on this.

When I upgraded to BP 1.5 on my live site, I was already using the BuddyBar (customized for my multisite network). When I upgraded, I was expecting to automatically get the WP admin bar. It didn’t happen, which suited me fine. I still get to use the BuddyBar.

Now I’m trying to do some work on my test installation, which uses the WP Admin bar. I’m struggling to figure out how to get it to display the BuddyBar so that I can make the two installations match.

I’ve been through the code and I don’t know why the live site still displays the BuddyBar so I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the test site do the same thing. How do I force display the BuddyBar and not use the WP Admin bar?

What happened that my live site didn’t automatically default to the WP admin bar when I upgraded?