i was looking for Automatically post content from different

Hi, i was looking for Automatically post content from different platforms like RSS Youtube blogs etc..

so i did install Autoblog Plugin and it is Good. but i would like to say it miss few things to make it the best plugin.

1 – add menu to select what you want to auto post. that means when you go to add new source you will have maybe a drop down menu to select RSS, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc… then it will open up the options for the selected source. that way it will make our life easier and it will be more useful to understand the possibilities and limitations the plug can do.

2 – youtube import. when i test it with youtube user videos to set it up to auto post to me website as post. it did the job but i would like to see options related to youtube like to add option to import the comments and to import playlists from the users on youtube.

there is other plugins can do this but i would like have it in this plugin as it will make it great.

3 – options to make post formate inside the plugin based on the source. example if we select youtube so it will have the option to formate the post for video and the user can select what to show on the post so it will set as template. and if the user select news source again to have news format with options to show or not in the post. so users will decide to display featured images and where it will show and so on.

Hope this will find the ears to