I was looking forward to using Smushit pro but this was

Hi, I was looking forward to using Smushit pro but this was what I encountered:

- Inability to JUST purchase the plugin! You put in small writing that you will be MONTHLY charging me? There are legitimate ways to make money in life. That's not so cool guys.

- I install the plugin and my entire site goes down! Seriously. Maybe because I didn't de-activate the free plugin first? But surely when a product takes down an entire site, it doesn't make me want to keep buying despite your great looking plugins and themes.

- I used my FTP to delete, re-upload just the Smushitpro plugin and now it says I MUST install the dashboard for the plugin to work? I don't want a dashboard, I want a plugin. I don't want to be charged monthly, I want a plugin. I don't want my site to go down, I want a plugin.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Justin.

    Smush Pro requires an active subscription because it uses our API servers, and as you can appreciate, compressing images on the fly by the thousands or whatever amount and upkeep of the API servers which need to be very high spec to handle the loads is very costly, not to mention the maintenance costs to keep it going.

    The free version used Yahoo's servers & was a yahoo service itself nothing to do with us, we just took over the development of the free plugin when it was abandoned, but they are stopping this service apparently, and their limit was 1mb image size, as you can appreciate this was small and for a free service it wasn't too bad, but it was unreliable at best.

    Smush pro is far different and far more powerful than the free version. It requires a lot of upkeep.

    With regards to the dashboard plugin, you only need to install the dashboard once, then enter your DEV credentials, it will then fetch the API key for your account and insert it into your DB. once that's done, you can uninstall the dashboard plugin.

    Hope this helps

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