I was wondering if it were possible to mix subdomains


I was wondering if it were possible to mix subdomains and subdirectories. I currently have a subdomain install which is perfect for how I want the URLs to work but I am attempting to make more of a branching scenario.

For instance, the main site could be called "country," the subdomains could be called "state" and the most granular to be "city." That way the naming would be state.country.com/city. Is this something that I can achieve through WPMU's multi-domains and domain mapping plugins? Is it even possible?



  • james

    I'm still in the conceptual stage of designing the network so I'm not 100% sure.

    Is it possible to have the city be a whole "site"? With multiple pages and with its own theme/color scheme, etc. Using this URL arrangement? Do WPMUdev's library of plugins have a solution for this?

    That way the site could have pages like state.country/city/about-us or state.country/city/image-gallary, etc...

  • faydra_deon

    With multisite, you have to choose either subdomains or subdirectories, so I don't believe you can mix them in a network install.

    A solution, however, might be to create the subdomains and make each one a network in and of itself that is based on subdirectories, and then use something like InfiniteWP or ManageWP to maintain all the networks in one place.

    IWP is free outright.

    MWP is free only up to so many sites, but subdomains aren't considered new sites. One main domain and several subdomains from that domain would be considered one site.

    That may be more convoluted than what you want to deal with, but it's something to think about that might actually get you where you're trying to go.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @james,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    As @faydra_deon has said, with multisite, you must choose sub domains or sub directories, these can't be mixed.

    There also isn't a plugin currently that would allow for this type of setup, you could use a networks of networks plugin to basically create a new multisite network based on a sub domain using sub directories, but you'll end up with multiple multisites to manage and you'd carry a high chance of plugin incompatibility on this type of setup.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • james


    Thanks everyone for your advice! I figured it was kind of a shot in the dark and, I suppose, that it really isn't necessary.

    Jack, do you think it's better to not use networks of networks even if that is really what is being created? The whole intention of this site is to distribute information locally provided by local contributors. I guess my scenario when bringing this up was a little off the mark...

    To break it down, I'm hoping to create a place where local multimedia artists can find other local artists to help with projects. So the real breakdown would be city.url.com/artist.

    I was planning on giving members the option to have their own BLOG so they could highlight their projects and, if they wanted, essentially use my network as their professional portfolio site.

    In that way, I could use network latest posts, comments, etc.. as a sort of classifieds for people looking for work. city.url.com would be where these sort of classifieds would exist and url.com is essentially a home page that tells all about the program and gives people a way to join or start a new network in their area.

    If you were to go about making a setup like this, how would you do it? I'm fine with it being artist.city.url.com... Getting rid of the top layer of url.com won't work because I'd have to have a different URL for each city. If I get rid of the bottom layer of artist, users don't really have the option of creating their own site...

    Any advice?



  • calvinrogercanas

    Hello James,

    Hope you're well!

    I'm fine with it being artist.city.url.com

    This is possible but not recommended. Your setup on this one will be like installing wordpress multisite on each city and it might get you in trouble if plugin start conflicting each other.

    My suggestion is take a look at our plugins see what alternative methods you can do to meet your needs. This will give you a chance to get familiar with our plugins, see the ins and outs. You can also ask a reliable developer if he can do something like that using wordpress:https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/

    Plugins you may want to take a peak:

    Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

  • james

    Thanks, Calvin... And everyone else responding here.

    I think I'll just keep it simple at first and just make the site useful for my local location and expand if it catches on. I really conceptualized the idea so I could find local artists to help with projects anyway but I figured I'd try and make it ready to expand from the beginning. I'll get it working here and if there is a need for further development in the future I'll cross that bridge. I just like building a solid foundation to start so that I don't have to rebuild in the future.

    I have tried messing some with the networks of networks type plugins and they seem to be riddled with problems, as stated above. I am hopeful that this sort of scenario will be available one day without the need for special development but I'm certainly willing to make due with what I have.

    Thanks again!


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