I will use few plugins with payment options and all of them

I will use few plugins with payment options and all of them will need some payment gateways for polish services like f.e. DotPay, PayU oraz Transferuj.
Most important it is for Coursepress , but soon also for Pro Sites+ , maybe Payperview or membership.
1. Does coursepress use the same setting for payments and gateways as marketpress? I don’t see settings in coursepress options, but also I don’t see description about that.
2. If answer for Q1 is YES, does multiple payment gateways in marketpress mean that we can prepare few payment gateways and customer can choose which he would like to use? Actually we would probably need two options – paypal/stripe(for credit card) and some custom gateway f.e. with Dotpay.
3. Do you have some solution which could let us easy create new gateway f.e. with Dotpay, PayU oraz Transferuj.pl. Can we add new gateway to a list in marketpress if we would like to create it - probably with help of some developers(I guess we will need them)?
4. Same questions actually are for Prosites+ and Payperview but I don’t see there an option for multiple payments to give ability for customer to choose a payment method. So can we add another(our custome like mentioned before) payment gateway and set up multiple options here?
Will be grateful for answer.
Regards, Damo