i wonder if you could help me please. I am setting up

Hello i wonder if you could help me please.

I am setting up a multisite setup, this is with buddypress install. I have set this up so that irrespective of the site someone registers on they can see in buddypress all the members across the whole network which works fine.

I have been using an rss feed plugin to then pull certain posts (category dependent) to a third standalone website and then use an rss feed to pull all the articles back in together as a group. This then gives each site a local members post section and the across the network sections. It works fine but each setup is a bit difficult.

So will Post Indexer do the job? here is what I need it to do

Display on every subsite of the multisite a section showing all posts from across the network, but on from the category "members-posts" (this is a category every website on my network has), can it do this rather than just show every post?

I also want to be able to choose which posts appear where, so for example if I had 20 sites in my multisite setup and I wanted posts from site 1 to only appear on site 3,4,5. can that be done, so in other words can I be selective as to what I have displaying and where?

Many thanks