I work for a Music Marketing company & nightclub

Hello, I work for a Music Marketing company & nightclub i am trying to build a virtual office pretty much, for starters i am trying to make a place where every staff member can login and they will be lead to a dashbored where they can find out promtions, submit promtion materials (Pictures of handing out flyers / online marketing), and then have a overall admin view where the owner can track states can you help me set up my backend?

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Stephen,

    It might be good to create a separate WordPress site, and password protect the front end of the site. P2 is a great solution for internal sites: http://p2theme.com/ It can be used as an internal blog. You can also create extra pages for onboarding your users.

    If you need custom forms, you could look at Gravity Forms: http://www.gravityforms.com/

    As for tracking states, I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Maybe there's a plugin for it out there. I could check with more info.

    Best regards,

  • Stephen
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    that wouldn't work out currectly, I wanna make a control panel where I can have Bartenders, Promoters & Staff Login into and be able to have these features

    1. Announcements in groups (Divided by Job title)
    - Promoters would get announcements about Promotion Launch, & other up coming opportunities
    - Be able to upload Promotion materials with GEO location (WIth photo upload include) VIA Mobile is a must . (must be built in can not be SimpleCrew.com)

    there are more features but if i can get the Control panel set up then i can intergrade the rest myself.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Stephen,

    The project description is still a bit vague. There are so many directions this could go. I'd recommend trying out P2 first, then perhaps BuddyPress. It has built in Groups.

    The integrations you're looking for would likely require some custom development. If you need to hire a developer, I'd strongly recommend checking our our job boards: https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/

    You can always make a site private, and require login before users can use the features or see content.

    Best regards,

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