I would like

I would like to be able to collect additional information from attendees to events - I thought this would be simple using additional fields but it seems that's just for registration fields which won't work for my use case.

We have a membership site - using buddypress that has a number of groups. Each group admin creates events regularly.

Each event has different information requirements - being able to collect information about dietary requirements, transport options and emergency phone numbers is really important.

It's also important to collect information per ticket - for instance joe bloggs could book two tickets - but is bringing sheila who is allergic to shellfish. I need this info to be recorded when booking tickets.

We have moved over from Events Manager as we where finding it convoluted but it did have these features.

Can you give me any guidance - I'm comfortable with custom coding so happy for this to be a solution - but need somewhere to start.


  • Ash

    Hello Dan

    I have tried similar, please download the zip attached and extract on your desktop.

    Now put the eab-form-builder.css file in events-and-bookings/css/ folder, eab-form-builder.js in events-and-bookings/js/ folder and eab-events-event_rsvp_form.php in events-and-bookings / lib / plugins / eab-events-event_rsvp_form.php folder.

    Now from addon section, activate "Event RSVP Form (Beta)" addon.

    And you should see now a form builder, use that to create own RSVP form. The form is common for all events.

    If it works, you need to be aware that this will be removed when you will update the plugin again. If it doesn't work, at least you will get an idea where and how to start :slight_smile: But would suggest to use as an external plugin to avoid plugin conflict.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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