I would like my client to fill out their address in the confirmation shortcode for the appointment p

I would like to have an address field and notes in the shortcode confirmation. How do I acheive that? [app_confirmation]

  • aristath

    Hello there @bm73, I hope you're well today!

    As described in the shortcodes section of the plugin settings, you can use many parameters, including address, note etc:

    Description: Inserts a form which displays the details of the selected appointment and has fields which should be filled by the client. This shortcode is always required to complete an appointment.
    title: Text above fields. Default: "Please check the appointment details below and confirm:"
    button_text: Text of the button that asks client to confirm the appointment. Default: "Please click here to confirm this appointment"
    confirm_text: Javascript text that will be displayed after receiving of the appointment. This will only be displayed if you do not require payment. Default: "We have received your appointment. Thanks!"
    warning_text: Javascript text displayed if client does not fill a required field. Default: "Please fill in the requested field"
    name, email, phone, address, city, note: Descriptive title of the fields. e.g. to ask for post code instead of address, use address="Post code".
    gcal: Text that will be displayed beside Google Calendar checkbox. Default: "Open Google Calendar and submit appointment "

    So you would do it like this:
    [app_confirmation address="Please enter your Address below" notes="Additional Notes"]

    I hope that helps!


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