I would like students to be able to download their responses in course press.

I know it's possible for the admin to download graded student responses in course press, but I would love for students to be able to download their responses (graded or ungraded) as well. I would like to use the plugin for workshops, so their responses wouldn't be graded, and I would like their responses to be available to them. Student responses are more subjective so they're not necessarily graded, and we want them to be able to download their responses to have a physical copy for live workshops. Please consider adding this to the development timeline! Thanks!

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Melissa,

    Thank you for proposing this feature. I have checked if Printing Answers to PDF is possible without any addtional feature and it can be done.
    In course settings you would need to enable Workbook (step 5) for student - with Workbook they can view their responses and grades.

    That page can be also printed.

    I think it could be also possible to use this plugin like that https://wordpress.org/plugins/printfriendly/ with some customization, so print button could be on the page.

    kind regards,

  • Melissa Zalinski
    • BWOAH

    Hi Kaisia,

    Thanks for that work-around but I don't think it's a good option for this website. I want a simple, user friendly way to print results. Explaining that need to print the page and the steps required is way too clunky. And the print page plugins all have ads and place buttons on each page, and a lot of them require a subscription as well. Customizing plugin with javascript is not ideal because it will require me to do extra work whenever there's an update.

    Students having the ability to download their responses is a requirement for this site. Since it's an available option for admin, I would think adding it to the pipeline for students isn't out of the question. I want to use coursepress since it works with marketpress, but if this can't be added, I'll have to find a different option or we'll have to table this until it is added.

    • Rupok
      • Support Ninja

      Hi Melissa Zalinski,

      I understand your situation. This post is already in our Features and Feedback section and Kasia provided that workaround so you can still progress with this even though the feature is not here yet. I hope more people will vote for this because more people voting for this idea, more chances our developers will work on this and will include this feature in our future releases.

      +1 from me.

      Have a nice day. Cheers!

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