I would like to build a crowdfunding site where users can

I would like to build a crowdfunding site where users can create their own campaigns, but I would like to collect a percentage of the money raised for hosting the fundraiser similar to how you can collect with MarketPress. Can this be done?

  • Vaughan


    Unfortunately this isn't possible at this time.

    You can allow different roles to be able to add fundraisers & edit them, but unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to accept payments for them, only the site admin will be able to receive any payments as he/she will have to enter their paypal details in the plugin settings.

    However, it does sound like a great feature, so i will add this to the feature requests for a future release, hopefully the developers might be able to find a way of doing this, but I couldn't give any guarantees on when it could be added.

    hope this helps.

  • Maniu

    Hey @Matt

    This thread is marked as feature request, no need for extra action. This feature is getting more and more popular and with it, chance of seeing it in one of future version of the plugin is getting bigger.

    As for displaying fundraisings on main multisite... it is not supported but it is possible to try with combination of php code like this:

    echo do_shortcode('[fundraiser_panel id="ID of fundraiser" show_title="yes" show_content="yes"]');

    Having option like this sounds interesting too!


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