Pro-Sites Default User Role Setting

I would like to make a feature request in response to this thread:

I have run into this issue on my own sites and would like to brainstorm the paramters to fixing it.

Basically I would like the option in Pro Sites to set the role of the default user created with each site purchase.

Right now it creates an Admin account, which is fine unless I want to create a unique role (to be copied into new sites) that I want the user to use.

Right now I would have to go in and change the users role manually. Which is feasible when its just a few sites, but not hundreds.

I just want to be able to tell Pro Sites what role slug to apply and it will find that role already installed when it creates the site. Or maybe if that complicates things ...

Pro Sites creates the site normally with the user as admin, then checks if the role exists on the site. If role exists, set user to role, if not leave admin. This can all take place before the confirmation email goes out so the user never has the ability to log in as an admin.