I would like to make the Name, Email, Phone form mandatory. How would I do this?

Looking at a reply "nothing shows on the form to say its a mandatory field also" from Elite pxwm on this question.
I still am not clear where to add the additional shortcode.

  • Vaughan


    i thought those fields were already mandatory if they're selected in the settings.

    looking at the code here.

    in appointments.php

    line 6495 "The selected fields will be available in the confirmation area and they will be asked from the client. If selected, filling of them is mandatory (except note field)."

    or do you mean you want to place some text to say that they are required?

    to do this you could either edit the language file using poedit.

    which shortcode are you referring to by @pxwm


  • Ronald

    Vaughan, below is the text from pxwm. I don't know where to add the shortcode to. A client does noit have to enter their email and phone right now.

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    Hi @PC - Hope you don't mind me chiming in
    Hi @design5
    To confirm all fields selected in the 'Require these from the client:' field in the A+ 'General' tab will be mandatory except the 'Notes' field.
    Therefore you could try the following:
    Login to you Wordpress dashboard using Admin
    Then select A+ Settings
    Then the 'General' tab
    Then scroll down to the 'Require these from the client:' field
    Confirm which fields you have selected
    Then select A+ shortcodes in the A+ section in the left hand menu
    Then scroll down towards the bottom right to the shortcode: [app_confirmation]
    In that code you can amend all the Appointment form field names.
    e.g. The field name for 'Your name' such as:-
    [app_confirmation name="Your name:*"]
    Adding an asterisk to indicate it is mandatory.
    Do the same for all the fields that you have selected to be visible in the Appointment form except the 'Notes' field, which is not mandatory, if you have selected this.
    You could then add text in your Appointment page at the point the Appointment form is displayed indicating that any fields indicated with an asterisk are mandatory.

  • Vaughan


    the shortcode attributes are on the shortcodes page. you will need to add these to the [app_confirm] in the make an appointment page.

    for your case

    you would use this shortcode.

    [app_confirmation title="Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory" name="Your Name*" email="Your Email*" phone="Your Phone*"]

    as I still had your login details, i have made these changes for you, as you mentioned your eyesight is a bit poor these days.

    let me know if this looks ok for you?


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