i would like to put the staus plugin on a single page so that a spotlight editor can use it

how do i place this on a singe page for a special editor to use this feature. i dont understand the :

Do not place it automatically, I will place it myself

Advanced: if you select this option, you will have to use wdqs_quick_status() function in your theme files to place Status wherever you want.

Example usage: if (function_exists(“wdqs_quick_status”:wink:) wdqs_quick_status();

will some please break it down to me in a steps that i can understand.

i would like to create a page that is called “Blame it on Larry” ….. and than have it so that the spotlight editor can go here and add all the stuff he would normally do on facebook

I Have created a page called “BIOL” and saved it as a draft .. this is the page i would like to build.

PS. I Have Granted Support Access