I would like to Start to ask on the Following... Which

I would like to Start to ask on the Following...

Which is better if i will use a Multi DB
Ngix or Apache?

If Ngix? Im a currently Using Apache , can you attached a step by step Installation Sample in COnfiguring it

Next Question If i will be Using a 4096 DB Scale in Multi DB How can i Associate a 4096 DB to one User in my root Directory what are the Commands i will use?

Next Questions, Prior installing Multi DB what are other Plugins that are needed to be Installed Before the Multi DB Plugins?
Which are needed to be added in the global table in Multi DB.

Is Anyone Using Cache Plugin in line with Multi DB? If Yes, what Cache Plugin are u Using?
What Plugin can Cache all Sites Available in your Network Sites?

If Ever you Use that Cached Plugin for Multisite, Do you Have a Step by Step Instruction , on how to Configure it Properly?

Lastly What themes can you Recommend 100% Compatible for Multisite with the Following Niche :
Real Estate
Health and Wellness
Laptop , Mobile Phone Gadgets
Cars and Automotive
Toys and Games
Business Opportunity

I hope Someone Could Clear up my Mind
I need this thanks :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan


    #1 I have never used Nginx so i can't comment on that, i've only ever used Apache. nginx is a bit complicated to configure with htaccess. but that's about as much as i can tell you.

    #2 during the setup of multi-db, you will need to create the databases, you can assign them the same username & password, so that's not a problem. i would thoroughly read the usage guide https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/multi-db/#usage then read it again several times because it's quite complicated & time consuming to setup & configure, and if done incorrectly, can be a even more of a pain to sort. multi-db is not for the beginner for sure.

    #3 i don't know, that's a personal choice. but i'm pretty sure you can add plugins to global tables anytime, so it's not detrimental to have them installed to begin with.

    #4 W3 Super cache should work with multi-db, but i don't think W3 Total Cache plays nice with it. from what i've read anyway. sorry i haven't used them, but setting it up should be the same for any site whether on multi-db or not.

    #5 themes are subjective. i'm not sure i could recommend any for that purpose as I haven't really used many themes.

    this might help for real estate http://athemes.com/collections/best-real-estate-wordpress-themes

    and for gadgets etc http://streetsmash.com/technology-blog-wordpress-themes/

    you might be better just searching google & then checking the reviews out.

    i found those 2 articles by searching for "real estate themes wordpress" & "gadgets themes wordpress"

    hope this helps

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