I would rather they go to the Welcome page instead

Hey guys,

I just installed and setup Pro Sites on my Main site, Hoopsinstitute.com

Everything seems to be working correctly so far.

However, my services I'm offering with each website plan is pretty widespread.

So after a customer signs up with Pro Sites, I want to be able to redirect New users to a custom Welcome page that explains how everything works, offers a tour, etc, etc.

Currently, when someone signs up for a new blog, they are presented with the "Finalizing Your Site…" page/content as shown in the image attached.

With only the option to log into their site's dashboard after checkout via Pro-Sites.

I would rather they go to the Welcome page instead. How can I change this?

If I can edit/add to the "Finalizing Your Site…" page/content, that would actually work better.

Can I have some assistance with this?

I have granted Support Access,

Thanks a ton!