I'd like to suggest two plugins for you guys!

I looked for plugins to do these things but no success unto now...

The first plugin: A plugin to lock specific pages in a multisite network, I mean, in my business I use New Blog Templates plugin to create pre-configured sites... One of mainly thing about my business is that each site must have some default pages created to my system to work... So, my users can not modify or delete this pages, and there's no a way to lock specific pages to users do not edit or delet it.

The second plugin: A plugin to create customized WP-Pointers to help users to use a wordpress blog in a multisite network that has specific or customized plugins and functionalities... There's no a plugin to help us to create this kind of thing... A exemple of that is what we want to do, when a user posts a custom-post-type post, we want a especific message to be shown to this guy like a Wp-Pointer...

Well... I hope you think these suggestion nice ideas hehehehe!!!!

Thanks guys!!! WPMUDEV Rocks!!!!!