Idea for network promotion and SEO link building

When I left my previous employment i kept most of the software i had built up and im wondering if members could benefit from a search engine submission service to assist in SEO' network admin launch campaign's?

I have all the software setup and it would be simple process to add more website then email a report when completed when doing my own websites !

I wonder if it would be worth a small donation from network admin's i.e $5 dollars per submission or $10 for 4 submissions a year as a Donation to our charity?

I can run a test submission to allow wpmu dev to test and verify the work is completed and im sure it would make a great start for new networks

feedback would be gratefully appreciated

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Sorry Alen
    I got that old **HTTP 500 Internal Server Error** <<< could be anything. I think it's how srevers say "I got a grimlin in here".
    I do like what you are offering, but how would it stack up to:
    "Infinite SEO" & "Simple Sitemaps for Multisite" Thanks Alen

  • shineadmin
    • New Recruit

    @MTB1701 the sites are just coming back up and should display after a F5 refresh - this will enhance your seo campaign the full site is analyzed and report given back to you with some advice and further instructions ( where applicable ) in essence will run a seo audit ahead of your launch and before the submission to get maximum exposure for you.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi Alen
    Problem being I don’t have any completed websites at the moment. 18 domain names and not one complete. lol Should have two done by Wednesday, Gravity Forms and theme problems with one. And the other is a client’s website. I would really love to test it on my masterpiece, but it will not be done until 2013. It has over 3200 sites on a multisite. It will top out at about 75,000 or so Most of the 3200 sites are just the URL set up without any content and it already takes up 10 pages of a Google search, and I haven’t even done any SEO to it yet, I believe this is from choosing site titles wisely. If you don’t get a demo for the staff before Wednesday I’ll be a Ginny pig for ya. <<<Test subject.

  • shineadmin
    • New Recruit

    Not 2 worry i have 72 sites on mine and still planning my launch - the offer is open ended and I will run a test via a client site and post in this thread to show members.

    Infinite SEO comes with almost everything you need however i found it wise to also use wordpress seo as it links directly to linkdex and it auto runs linking reports before you post with quality easy to follow advice.

    You can then use the infinite SEO plugin and claim your free 30 day SEOMOZ account that is a must have and again has an affiliate program paying high commission even if client doesn't buy anything - you get paid for every client on your install you send the links to.!

    keep me in mind and ill send you links to claim full SEO software worth approx $300 when you ready to launch !

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey Alan,

    With all the Panda, Penguin and other zoo updates from google running around, am skeptical about automated submissions for SEO. Google is very good at reading patterns.

    What are you submitting this to? Directories? $10 per 4 submissions seems quite high, don't you think? Look at the offerings of these guys:

    As with all things SEO, there is no final say, sometimes we would have to agree to disagree. I guess.

  • shineadmin
    • New Recruit

    HI Arun

    I wouldnt submit to google perhaps should have made that clearer however can submit to thousands of engines globally I get an email in from a company every week charging $49 dollars per quarter and using the same software as myself.

    I noticed James was featured in the seomoz forums with a great feature on the infinite seo plugin however google have already kicked me of adsense as a blog network !

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