Idea for theme simple help + suggestion

Hi !

Since I am quite familiar now with wordpress and so on I wanted to tell you something about theme customization.

Some themes as Nelo, dixi or corporate are quite simple, but product, scholar, business and others are VERY complex (I'd say deliciously complex).

The trouble comes when customizing, since there are many zone and parameters, and it is quite hard to find/undestand exactly what parameter will change what on the theme, especially for non english speaking people.

I noticed also that several themes come with a nice PDF help.

Would it be possible to have just a simple image of the front page with the exact mention of the parameter custumizable in the theme option interface ?

Sorry if you find that a little selfish but for business (greeeaaat theme !) for example I need to change parameters one at a time to see what it does :slight_frown:

quite hard.

For the suggestion, is it hard to have the timymce options for the several theme personalization for feature boxes or at least allow HTML in those boxes if it is not ? (almost all themes have this option, personnal front message, features, etc...)

Hum ?

  • Tammie

    @Aphrodite: Have you been checking out our videos for themes - we have been doing this for later themes and in fact do go over every single feature. Scholar, Product, Daily all have videos doing this. Just wandering if those are enough for you or it's something more you're looking at - I understand business doesn't have these so that could be why you've not seen them.

    I don't agree it's usual for the tiny mce editor to be active - it may be something we could look at though. Usually however when we have a block of text we already have a style around it so adding another style would cause issues if tiny mce did (code soup is most unattractive). Any suggestion though can get looked at each time a theme is developed or reviewed so nothing is discounted.

    I am a little puzzled where you mean about the html as in business (you could of course mean a different theme so forgive me if that is the case) you can for the member and non member message for instance add html into it such as:

    My link

  • Tammie

    @Aphrodite: hehe sorry was just adding to that post as someone knocked on my door.. I'll continue with your comments in mind my apologies.

    Ah ok - I do see. That's ok we can always review our theme documentation however that's going to be quite the consideration to do considering the sheer number of variables. However, nothing is ever ruled out if enough members want it. Consider though we couldn't just do the front page as some themes do have other pages and other variables we'd have to do a range of screenshots and pages.

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