Idea on how do generate gift certificate

I have a client - beautician - who would like to generate a gift certificate from their website. The website needs to gather the following information from the visitor (all mandatory):

- Name of gift certificate recipient
- $ Amount of gift certificate
- Message
- Phone number
- Email

There is a limitation with online payment - payment must be received via phone and then the authorised certificate will be sent - with a unique gift certificate ID - via email to the client.

Can anyone suggest an approach here? Should I be using some sort of HTML Newsletter generator or can MarketPress eCommerce help with this?

  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    i'm not sure marketpress is the right tool. you could probably create gift certificates of specif values as each product. then enable manual payments. you could then use the special instructions field for your users to enter their details into. not exactly ideal though.

    or possibly you might be able to use custompress to create custom fields. but i haven't tried that myself.

    hope this helps.


  • Jason

    I have done some further thinking on the process here. Please let me know if this makes you think of any other ideas:

    1. A customer will visit the website and request a gift certificate. After completing their details and the details of the person receiving the gift certificate. The payment status will be displayed as Payment Pending.
    2. An email will be sent to website admin with the subject line of A visitor requested a gift certificate and will include the contact details (name, ph number, email address) of the person paying. The email will also include a link to Approve Gift Certificate or Deny Gift Certificate. This email will also have an unique Gift Certificate number. This is the number website admin can use internally to record if it is valid or not.
    3. Website admin will then telephone the website visitor and request payment over the phone.
    4. After payment has been made, website admin will then look at the original email (A visitor requested a gift certificate) where website admin will press Approve Gift Certificate.
    5. This will then send a Gift Certificate email to the website visitor with the unique Gift Certificate voucher number.
    6. The visitor/or person receiving this can then print this out and bring in to store.

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