Idea – Rewarding WPMU DEV members contributions here at the forums

Hi Guys,

I had an idea a bit back that I’d like to float with all current members.

See the ‘Reputation’ thing under my avatar… howabout we use that to reward members who actively assist people in the forums?

There are two ways you can get points, 1 point per post or another memebrs can give you some of their points.

My idea is to highlight that more, and put a link next to it, advertising that for 500 and 1000 points you get a free annual extension of your membership at WPMU DEV.

And for 1500+ you get a free lifetime membership.

Of course that wouldn’t necessarily involve making 500 posts… but you can encourage users to give you their points for masking helpful contributions (the link next to the reputation it could mention that and encourage people to do that… you could also ask for them in the forums :slight_smile:

How does that sound? Good idea? Any other suggestions?

Cheers, James