iDEAL, making it work

Hello there,

I have been working on getting iDEAL to work on my website for days now. :slight_smile:

Started off with Mollie, but decided later to go with ING.

I have tested several banks, but every option I’ve tried gets redirected to

So I’m thinking maybe the problem can be found in the following code (from the ideal.php file)

//setup bank specific urls

$test = ($settings == ‘test’:wink:;

if ($settings == ‘ing’:wink:

$redirectURL = ‘https://ideal’ . ($test ? ‘test’ : ”:wink: . ‘’;

else if ($settings == ‘rabo’:wink:

$redirectURL = ‘https://ideal’ . ($test ? ‘test’ : ”:wink: . ‘’;

else if ($settings == ‘fries’:wink:

$redirectURL = ‘https://’ . ($test ? ‘test’ : ”:wink: . ‘’;

else if ($settings == ‘abn’:wink:

$redirectURL = ‘https://abnamro’ . ($test ? ‘-test’ : ”:wink: . ‘’;


$redirectURL = ‘’;

Since none of the URLs work and they all rederict to the ideal-simulator website (It gives an error saying the Merchant ID is incorrect), I feel like there might be an error in the code here….

I’m sort of new with this. I have built a website using MarketPress light before. But the PhP thing is beyond my knowledge.

I’m really hoping to get this to work because my website depends on payment via iDEAL.

I’ve read before that the person who built this payment gateway doesn’t have any possibility for testing it. If needed I’m willing to test any new ideas coming up.

Kind regards,