identical user (and email addresses) on different sites in network possible?

I am about to set up a WP multisite installation for series of events on different topics. Every topic will get its own site, and there will be different events for each topic. There will also be a membership area for each site, to allow participants access to event material.

Participants must be able to register (become as user) with more than one topic. This would mean the same person (and email address) will be a user on more than one site. I am reading that this might be an issue, as the email address must be unique throughout the whole network. Is this true? And is there a way / workaround to allow for my setup?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi mynym,

    The default setup for Multisite is that if a user is registered on any site on your network, they automatically receive Subscriber privileges on all sites on your network, so they wouldn't need to register on multiple sites... which means there's no issues with duplicate usernames and email addresses.

  • mynym
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for the fast response! This is good news, but it raises another issue, as I want to restrict access to some of the resources on each site to registered users of this site only. I thought I control this by requiring registration for each site, but given what you say I need another mechanism to control access. What would be a "best practice" approach to achieving this? Thanks for some hints...

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