Identifying the cause of a very slow site (20+ seconds load)

Hi experts,

Is there anyone who can help me identify the cause of my slow site? This has been an issue for over 2 years and I’ve tried all sorts to rectify it. I feel there is something lurking that’s causing the problem, and that it’s not the normal plugin/theme issue.

I’m on shared hosting, but my other sites on the same hosting are fine. My hosting company has confirmed that all is well at their end, and they have no idea what the problem is.

Here’s the latest of things I’ve tried:

I deactivated and removed ALL plugins from the plugin folder, tested the site on Pingdom and it was still showing a load time of over 20 seconds.

I then installed and ran WP-DB Manager, and Hummingbird which according to Pingdom now has a load time of 11 seconds, Hummingbird now gives a result of 90/100. But, trying the site as both a user and as admin in back end, it is still very slow.

I did wonder if the ‘must use’ plugins had any impact so I renamed the mu-plugins folder, tested Pingdom which made no improvement so I renamed the folder back to its original and I now have a DNS issue on Pingdom as well as still being as slow.

I removed all images from the cloned site to see if there were rogue huge images but nothing improved.

I used Cloner to create a staging site, which is slightly faster but not much. But when Cloner asks what files should be copied or ignored, it lists some old plugins that I had deleted – I’m wondering if these have left a heavy footprint that’s slowing the site?

Changing the theme to 2014 made no improvement (worse in fact).

I currently have only Akismet, Cloner, Membership, wp-dbmanager, wp-hummingbird and wpmudev-updates installed.

If anyone can help in anyway, I would be grateful as I’m at a loss.

Thank you!


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Jane,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    When I check your network the staging site is actually quite fast, it only takes like 2-3 seconds to load, but I do see the issue on the main site.

    During the load of your main site I was checking Network page in the developer tools and I noticed that the page is failing to load this part:

    This seems like some kind of a cached file that’s trying to be loaded but it can’t be find and it adds around 12 seconds to your load time.

    I was trying to find some more info about this but I’m afraid that there’s little to none info about it.

    Only thing I was able to find is that it’s related to Divi theme and it looks like a part of their speed enhancements.

    I would suggest getting in touch with the Divi developers and mention the above URL to them, they should be able to tell you why this is being loaded and how can it be stopped.

    Best regards,


  • Miss Jane
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Predrag, good to hear from you.

    Thank you so much for checking that, and for giving me some hope! I’ve gone back to Elegant Themes for their input so we’ll have to wait for a reply.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    Thank you! :slight_smile:

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