Idiot alert need help with the super obvious... embarrassingly enough.

Hello - apologies I am being so thick over this drag and drop stuff !!

I am not trying to achieve anything great - just rebrand my business partners site so I can see the possibilities of WPMUDEV using as a launch point the template spirit - this is to let me get my head round how to use the upfront drag & drop and also to give me an idea so I know how to design for this.

I cannot find any tutorials on how to - use this (sorry I know this is drag and drop!! you drag/ you drop you add an element) but I am struggling with the stupidest things.

I am sure there is a how to somewhere but I can only see help on how to use wordpress and your blog (which is fab) but I need help on how to use upfront and understand how to create areas from scratch/make these global/customise the css

Thank you!

Thanks in advance and sorry for being so thick!!