Idiot needs some help

So I am trying to get the Wordpress Affiliate plugin going. I am using Supporter as well FYI. Here is the structure I am looking to achieve which I believe is the default.

I install and network activate the plugin. As the super admin I get access to the affiliate global settings, and people who own a site on my network get access to their referrals and their individual settings.

So after installing and network activating, I am not getting the link which is supposed to be under the Super Admin menu when logged in as the Super admin on the main site.

In the individual user sites, they get the report page and settings page but in their settings, there is an extra http:// as follows:

In order for us to track your referrals, you should use the following URL to link to our site:

This was the functionality right out of the box. Interested if anyone else is having these issues or if I am missing something.