IE 8 Crashes After Update

I just discovered (quite by accident) that my site is crashing in IE8 since I installed the theme update.

The only thing I'm seeing in the Chrome error console is the following

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I'm using the latest WP and the latest BlogsMU via a child theme.

This wasn't happening until the update. It works fine in IE9, Chrome and FF.

Thanks for any advice regarding this matter. =)

~ Corey



    After further looking into this, it's something to do with the child theme. What, I do not know.

    IE8 is crashing when I uncomment the line to import the child-style.css file. I've tried using an absolute path to that file and I get the same results.

    I'm not seeing what the problem is here, but I got all of 2 hours sleep last night so .............


    ~ Corey

    Bonus update: I have now tried it with the unaltered child theme folder that came with the download. I'm getting the same results. This appears to be a bug.


    Hi Corey,

    I'm trying a number of things over here in testing and can't seem to replicate any IE 8 issues with the latest version of the theme or child theme.

    Do you have any plugins active? Can you try deactivating them to see if it's a conflict there?



    Ok, so I did a fresh mulit-site install and used BlogsMU with the default child theme.
    I can confirm that this works on a fresh install.

    Then I went back to my live site and disabled all plugins. I checked it again in IE8 and it was still crashing.

    I messed around with the theme settings to see if that might fix things, but it made no difference. It still crashed in IE8.

    Finally, I downloaded the previous version of the theme and re-installed that. Now it works with IE8 again.

    There is something going on with the new version of this theme that causing this, but I can't figure out what it is. Something in theme settings, I'm assuming - but what?

    Now I don't know what to think. I guess I'll just have to avoid the theme upgrade.





    After over 15 hours of messing around trying to figure out what the deal is with IE crashing when using this theme - I've discovered what is causing it.

    Everything seems to work fine as long as the URL has 'www' in front of it. However, if you have your site set up for '' instead of '' - this theme, when used as a child theme with 'child-style.css' enabled --> crashes IE8.

    After watching the site crash, I reverted to TwentyEleven - and the site came back online. Switching back to Blog-MU, it crashed again. This is definitely the issue.

    I have verified this on a brand new - clean install. This one should be easy to replicate. If not, I will gladly give you all the info you need to see what's going on.

    Wow, what a pain it was to track this problem down. : /


    ~ Corey


    I've put a lot of time into figuring the variables causing this bug. It completely crashes IE8 and prevents anyone using it from viewing your site if you don't use a www prefix on a multi-site installation.

    That's a pretty big deal IMHO. I would have thought it would warrant at least a simple response. is a fresh installation without plugins using the latest WP and BlogsMU. See this for yourself.

    ~ Corey


    hi Corey
    let me get back to you on this later on....bookmarking the thread.

    thx for tracking the issue down....

    btw if using parent and not child in ie8..everything ok right?
    basically its the chilld theme issue...


    could you check if your child theme/ style.css (not child-style.css) have any url import.
    url import were replace with wp_ensque_script in parent theme functions.php for child theme in latest version.

    if url import exist, delete them..its causing some child theme error in ie8

    only leave this for child theme css and see if the ie8 issue fixed
    @import url('_inc/css/child-style.css');




    The child style is the only @import. The is totally default - no changes made from the downloaded theme.

    Here is what the main style.css looks like in my child theme.

    Theme Name: Blogs MU Child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Fully Customize WPMU/BuddyPress theme with customize homepage based on <a href="">Blogs.MU</a> design. Compatible with WordPress with or without BuddyPress, WordPress MU with or without BuddyPress and WP/WPMU installation with BuddyPress 1.2+ only.
    Version: 1.3
    Author: Richie KS - WPMU DEV - WordPress Experts
    Author URI:
    License: GPL
    License URI:
    WDP ID: 131
    Template: blogs-mu
    Tags: buddypress,white,black,three-columns,two-columns,left-sidebar,fixed-width,custom-colors,custom-header,theme-options,threaded-comments
    Copyright 2007-2011 Incsub (
    The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:
    check parent theme style.css for changelog.
    /* loading child theme css - uncomment below to use child style css or just add extra css in here */
    @import url('_inc/css/child-style.css');
    /* 27500-1325987688 */




    hi could you try comment out the
    @import url('_inc/css/child-style.css'); like this

    /* @import url('_inc/css/child-style.css'); */

    and test the site again in ie8..dont worry about the style missing for now..

    i want to confirmed if its how the child style apply causing this issue.

    let me know ok


    hi corey
    latest version should fix this issue.
    the parent functions.php and your child theme style.css should be update.
    child css will be wp_enqueue_script() in parent functions.php using is_child_theme() condition