IE 8/9 and custom CSS - how can I fix it?

So here we go with my next IE/CSS-Problem:

1st: Whatever I enter in theme- and plugin-options to change the appearance is NOT applied by IEs older than 10 - important to me are 8 and 9 (well not to me, but to people visiting the future site... sadly). BUT if I copy/paste what I entered there in the options to the plugin "Simple Custom CSS" that IS applied. So my problem is where to find those CSS-entries I must have generated using my Theme Options Panel - I just can't find that :slight_frown:

2nd: Follow-Up to here: - those arrows now are - thanks to DavidM - where they are supposed to be. But only in IE 10 and 11.

In IE 9 they still are outside the circles (same problem as before with 10 and 11)

In IE 8 they are in the circles, but the circles are rectangles...

So I would need some help to fix these issues

Last but not least, IE 8/9 seem not to import Google Fonts and use them, but rather uses the fallback. Any way to avoid that?