"IE cannot display the /shopping-cart/shipping/" page

We're setting up MarketPress and testing a single product. When we press "checkout now" we always get this error message: "IE cannot display the /shopping-cart/shipping/ page"

We sell only downloadable products, so no shipping is ever charged.

Store settings

Current shipping settings:
General: apply tax to shipping = no

Presentation: Store URL slugs: we noted that store/shipping/ is not shown.

Shipping: Choose Target Countries: we have tried both scenarios: selecting all countries and selecting none countries. Did not resolve error message.

Shipping: No Shipping is selected

Test Product Setting
On our Test Product post, we've entered a download URL.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings lmiella,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Test Product Setting
    On our Test Product post, we've entered a download URL.

    The test download product cannot have the URL in there, it must be uploaded to the server using the "Product Download" section, this may be the root of the problem.

    I visited your site and thank you for the URL, it makes things much easier.

    To begin with I went and added the test product of $1 to the cart and yet could not figure out how to get to the cart itself and was stuck on that page.


    So that is one of the things your developer needs to work out. Of course if I return to the http://www.radialgroup.com/store/ I can get to the cart where the product I was ordering shows up.

    I am able to reproduce your "shipping error" when trying to check out on your web site, I was using Firefox for the test. However, I am unable to replicate the error on my test site.

    Please advise to the status of your download link and let me know if that fixes things up.

    Cheers, Joe

  • lmiella
    • New Recruit

    Thanks for your help, Joe.

    Some clarification: we said "Test Product Setting: On our Test Product post, we've entered a download URL."

    You said this was wrong.

    We were referring to the Product Download section of the New Post screen - where it says "File URL".

    So I think we're talking about the same thing, no?

    When we enter the URL for our digital goods there and press Upload, it takes us to the Upload Product File from Computer/URL/Media Library. What is the point of entering the URL in the first place since it doesn't seem to show up in this dialog?

    We haven't added the "View Cart" [mp_cart_link] shortcode to the main Product page but the View Cart shortcode is present on the Product *detail* page and works fine.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings lmiella,

    I am sincerely sorry that this ticket seems to have gotten eaten by the ticket system and while in the back of it performing house keeping I found it.

    So I think we're talking about the same thing, no?

    We are talking about the same thing, but a different method I believe.

    One cannot just put in a URL into the space and it work, you must physically upload it to your server.

    In other words, where it says URL ignore it, choose upload file and upload it from your computer.

    Once it has been indeed uploaded from your computer you will see that the system has indeed input the URL where WordPress placed it.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • digitsoft
    • The Crimson Coder

    It looks like the server doesn't have an SSL cert installed..and the shipping link above is sending me to:
    - note the https not http

    I tested doing digital products on my test site and it works fine out of the box, so there's most likely a config issue within the options.

    Also - your file URL for a product would be what you uploaded to the media area. Something like this:

    So after you upload the file click "Insert into post" and then save the product.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there! :slight_smile:

    Just checking in to see how things are going with this one and if you need any further help. :slight_smile:

    Did you get that SSL cert sorted?

    Did you liase with your host yet? It seems like a hosting and SSL related issue there so they should be able to fix you hosting for you.

    Thread is currently marked as resolved however if you have more questions or need some more help then please feel free to reopen this thread or create a new one and we will be more than happy to offer assistance. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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