IE8 problems with Making an Appointment


This happens only on IE8 browsers.

I cleared off all cache and all appointments.

I make an appointment (I’m not login)

Appointment shows up on when I exit out of the browser and back in again.

I then login as a Client (same browser and same PC), I then go to the Make the Appointment page and its says I’m not login. My appointment above shows up. I go ahead and make an appointment, and when I go to confirm, the page now shows up I’m login. Checked under appointments and I can see both appointments, the one that I was logged on and the one that I wasn’t.

I then exit out of my browser, When I go back into the browser, not login, both of my appointments show up, my login in appt

and non-login appt. This only happens on IE8.

All other browsers, if I’m not logged in, I only see the appointments that I created when I wasn’t logged in.