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I have a Multisite Network. My main site will offer pro sites, for blogs. On it I am going to set up a classifieds ad site, a directory, and offer blogs.

Now when someone comes and registers a blog, and upgrades, I'd like to offer a package, and instead of each site charging, the classifieds for ads, and the directory for listings, and upgrade on the blog with pro sites.

How would you set a pro site level so they are given an "upgraded" user account, and automatically set up as users for the "other" sub-sites AND the main site?

I'm thinking they would just be set up independently of each other, and when someone joins the main site and upgrades, just manually set them up for the others or use coupons???


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Director,

    I just want to make sure I am understanding the plan here.

    You will have a subsite dedicated to classifieds and a subsite dedicated to directory - then on the main site have Pro Sites. Instead of making your users sign up for 3 different subscriptions (If they want all 3) You want to include classifieds and directory into the upper levels of Pro Sites so it creates 1 subscription for all 3?

    The problem being that these users won't be members of the subsites once upgrading?

    I think a possible solution would be using a plugin like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/join-my-multisite/

    You can set it up so users can add themselves to a subsite or even be added upon visiting (if logged in). This way when they upgrade their membership you can give them an email with links to the 2 new sites and tell them they will be automatically added once visited or something along those lines.

    You could also just add them manually as well like you mentioned above.

    Hope this helps! if I misunderstood the question then just let me know and we'll figure something else out :slight_smile:


  • Director98248

    No, that's not it.

    Could this be done.

    I want to create a wpmu + buddypress network site. The main site will be allowing blog creatation, with the use of Pro Sites plugin. Free and paid.

    Now, I am wanting to have a membership area, just for those members, that sign up for a blog. A free membership, for everyone when they sign up, and I'll use it to set up Drip Content for training and coarses that are paid.

    So, if I use membership plugin on the main site, can it then be connected to the blog sign up?

    I understand the problem if it is set up by itself as a sub-site, but I could do both. Have a membership section ON the main site for everyone, and also set up a stand alone membership(s) sites on sub-sites. Correct?


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    That would normally be possible; however, since you are using Pro Sites - it likely won't be possible on the main site. Pro Sites and Membership both take control of the registration page - so, of course, when both are active on one site it causes conflicts, one or the other won't work. Since Pro Sites has to be on the main site and network activated, it is best to use Membership on a subsite.

    With Multisite, since the user base is shared among all sites, this method is still streamlined from the user perspective. You can place the training membership subscription link in their dashboards via a custom widget. Then all they have to do once they get there is click that link and they should be automatically subscribed and placed on the site.

    Or you could include the subscription link in the "Welcome Email" that is sent to new site owners - you edit this via Network Admin > Settings > Scroll down to New Site Settings.

    You could make your training site training.yourdomain.com so it makes sense and use the same theme so it's visually streamlined. In addition, you could even set up some forums or something on this site for your site owners to interact or ask questions etc.

    Does that help Tom? Let us know if you still have any other questions :slight_smile: Happy to assist.

    All the best,

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