If i log out i got directed to the wrong page

If i log out i got directed to the wrong page http://mijnautomatischegeldmachine.com/beveiligde-inhoud/ instead of http://mijnautomatischegeldmachine.com/
also if i click on http://mijnautomatischegeldmachine.com/ i got directed to http://mijnautomatischegeldmachine.com/beveiligde-inhoud/. I have totaly no clue why the system is doing that when i disable all my plugins it works again after activating all plugins but after a while it comes back, any idee whats happening here.



  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Kevin,

    You have activated the setting in Membership to protect all pages (or at least your home page) from non-members, so when you log out, or visit your home page they are automatically being redirected to your "Protected Content" page.

    If you change these settings (such as defining an access level to assign to Strangers, which you can find on the Membership > Options > General page), you should fine that logout will correctly direct to the home page, and you home page will be accessible to strangers.

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