If I only use a couple of plugins, can I keep them with

If I only use a couple of plugins, can I keep them with updates and not continue a quarterly membership?

About 50% of all plugins I've tried do not work properly -- or fit with the layout of my site -- but I do use 3 or 4 that are important to me. Most notably, dashboard feeds and the branding plugin.

It would be quite pricey to continue. And I was hoping at least a few other plugins would work to justify the cost. But again, At least 5 other plugins I've tried do not work after plenty of testing. I've tried everything from floating social to pay with a like and they do not work well, or they mess up the other plugins and ad spots on my site.

I have two sites currently, and will add more sites. On these other future sites I'd like to use the plugins I have that work and I rely on, so I'd like to install the WPMUDEV dashboard and continue to use. But again, to pay $207 every quarter is tough based on only a few plugins that work.

If I discontinue membership, do I lose the plugins I use with updates? Also, If I discontinue, can I install the plugins I use on other sites going forward?

It would be nice to call and talk with someone.

Please advise. Thanks!