If I switch theme will the menus, widgets etc be retained?

Our site uses Blogs MU theme and BuddyPress but 3 months ago we discovered that IE8 crashes when trying to log in. We believe the problem is related to the theme but no one has been able to help resolve it. A major new client uses IE8, so it is really important that they can log in to our site. If I switch to a totally different theme, will the settings under 'Appearance' be retained, eg 'Customize', 'Widgets', 'Menus' and 'Theme Options'?
Thank you

  • Alexander

    Hi @PCI Team,

    You shouldn't lose your menus, but widgets might be moved to "inactive" depending on what sidebar areas are supported by the next theme.

    I'm still unsure this is a problem with the theme. There isn't much to blogs mu, and nothing that I can see causing this error. Usually it has to do something with the cookie, and a bug in IE8 when it comes to handling certain HTTP headers - this is why suggested domain mapping as a possible cause.

    Last we spoke, it was working in IE8 when logged out, but crashed when you logged in correct?

    Could you try deactivating all your plugins temporarily to see if this makes a difference?

    Best regards,

  • PCI Team

    Hi Alex

    Many thanks for your response. When we had our Blogs MU Child Theme installed IE8 didn't work at all (logged out or in). Then we removed the child theme and now IE8 works when logged out but crashes when you try to log in. The Page Title loads on the browser tab and the URL of the home page appears in the Address Bar but then it crashes.

    I'll try the plugins again and see what happens.

    Thanks again

    Frances @PCI Team

  • PCI Team

    Hello Alex

    So, I've spent lots of time trying different options and I can still only find it to be a Theme problem. I installed and activated BuddyPress Corporate and IE8 login was successful. I've put notes below on what I tried but to summarize, removing all Widgets and all Plugins did not solve the problem. Rather it caused some more headaches! There is something very strange about our custom login page. If you visit http://pci-learning.com/login/ from IE8 it takes ages to load, with plenty of error messages before finally loading. It doesn't cause problems for other browsers, so I wonder if it might throw some light on the problem. It is based on Custom Login template which I assume is specific to Blogs MU as the page didn't exist when I switched to BuddyPress Corporate.

    After deactivating all Plugins and then activating them again, Snapshots does not appear to be working. I tried 'run now' twice and the it looks like all is working fine but then the file doesn't appear in the Archives list or in the external Dropbox folder (which has sufficient space). I tried 'edit' and 'save' to see if that would get it working again but it didn't.

    Having temporarily switched from Blogs MU to BuddyPress Corporate I am now left with two oddities I can't fix. Both relate to the not-logged-in home page:

    1. Now you see 'One community multi socials blogging solutions for your network and communities....more'. I have edited the 'Your Network sub intro post text’ under Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage Settings and the text has changed on every logged-in and non-logged in page and post but not on the not-logged-in homepage. (Text is white on the other pages because I don't want it to appear at all but it seems that you can only remove but installing and editing the Child Theme - as you might recall I can't do that because the Child Theme was causing IE8 to crash when visiting our site.)
    2. After reapplying the footer Widgets, the footer-1 Widget shows on not-logged-in homepage but footer-2, footer-3 and footer-4 do not. Do you know how I can I correct that?


    The following all relates to IE8. It began with Blogs MU Child Theme activated, IE8 crashed as soon as you tried to access the home page on our site.

    With just Blogs MU (and no Child Theme) the home page pci-learning.com seems to load quickly and fully

    However, if you click on 'Login here' it takes ages to load pci-learning.com/login/ (the blue menu bar appears immediately and then the Login panel appears but the company logo and 'e-Learning' logo take ages to appear. A couple of warnings, first 'Error on page', then 'Done but with errors on page' before 'Done' shows.
    The page is based on 'Custom Login' template.

    However, pci-learning.cm/wp-login.php loads very quickly

    Without further changes, if you tried to log-in from either /login/ or /wp-login.php page, IE8 would immediately crash, without loading the next page.

    Once I removed the 'Text' widget which linked to Twitter feed, you could log in and the next page would appear to have fully loaded ('IE8 would show 'Done' in the bottom of browser window), with 'Howdy' and my username showing at the top of the page, but then crashed while Downloading picture http://pci-learning.com/wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/images/footer-shade.jpg...

    I'm not sure how this Twitter widget could be the real problem because it was on the public pages too which loaded fine from IE8 and didn't cause it to crash.

    I removed all 'Membership Subscription Text' widgets. Same issue as in 2 above, ie could log in and the next page seems like it has loaded fully but error message says it crashed while Downloading picture http://pci-learning.com/wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/images/rain-social.png...

    Same issue as in 2 above.

    Same issue as in 2 above.

    With all Widgets gone, if you log in as Admin, the next page starts to load quickly but crashes while Downloading picture http://pci-learning.com/wp-content/uploads/avatars/4/4e30031e1b8b8ce1cd43c......

    Before logging in, could access all the content via the 'Recent posts' links in the left-sidebar (but as you would expect, only non-logged-in menus show). Tried to log in. The page loads and then crashes, as before (same as in 2 above).

    If log in and land on Profile page which doesn't appear to use Blogs MU theme, then IE8 didn't crash. Could update my profile too. However, I clicked on 'Visit site' at the top of the Profile page and, as in 2 above, page loads and then IE8 crashes.

    With BuddyPress Corporate and all Plugins you can successfully log in using IE8. I also re-activated some of our widgets, just to see and there was no trouble. However, the site is a mess and you can't customize BuddyPress Corporate sufficiently, so I really don't want to have to use it. In Blogs MU we use two different top menus depending on whether you are logged-in or not. This isn't possible in BuddyPress Corporate.

    Link to the original post in case it helps: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/can-i-make-my-site-compatible-with-internet-explorer-8#post-596782.

    Many thanks for whatever help you can give me. I need the site to be functioning properly for IE8 by the end of the week!!!

    Best wishes

    Frances @PCI Team

  • Alexander

    Hi @PCI Team,

    Good to hear the Snapshots are working. I'm trying to make sense of all the info above.

    So you think the images are causing the crashes? Can you try renaming or deleting them temporarily? Instead of crashing the browser, you should just get a 404 for the image. If that's the case, maybe they could be replaced.

    This might not be the theme, but rather an issue with how certain images are served.

  • PCI Team

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for following up. I was going to post the following information when I had cleared the backlog of things needing my attention after finally solving the issue:

    After wasting lots of time changing themes, removing widgets and plugins, reinstalling widgets and plugins, looking at cookies, hunting through code for errors and trying to add code to the header.php to force IE8 into IE7, I managed to resolve this on Sunday. IE8 was experiencing a stack overflow caused by the out-of-date modernizr.js in the Blogs Mu theme. So yes, it was a theme problem. We updated to the latest modernizr (2.7.1 I think) and now it works perfectly.

    I am what I think you class 'a beginner' and therefore did not know how to diagnose the problem. So, I had to pay a professional:

    - - - - -
    On every page it loads, then starts loading again, but never finishes loading. You have a script which starts running after page load and will probably cause a stack overflow if left to keep running

    Twitter widget and modernizr.
    Your version of modernizr is very old
    I can get in using compatibility mode
    - - - - -

    I removed the Twitter widget but that did not solve the problem. I could also log in by manually switching to compatibility mode but was unsuccessful in trying to force IE8 to IE7. It was only once the modernizr was replaced that IE8 stopped crashing on login.

    With best wishes


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