offer UpFront themes with different images - without creating child themes


if i wanted to offer UpFront themes in a multisite/prosite environment but with different theme images ONLY, do i follow the same child theme procedure typical with other themes ?

please let me try to specify;
the plan is to use the same currently available three(3) UpFront themes,
ie. menu, layout, styling, text, could all remain exactly the same, no probs.

also using "Multisite Theme Manager" i can customise the theme image, name etc.
so basically the only thing required to change in the theme itself is the images (header etc.) to try and make them more custom/relevant to the multisite/business focus.

What would be the simplest way to achieve this ?
can this be achieved simply without creating child themes for each theme while still allowing updates ?

i understand eventually we will be able to create our own themes entirely, at least thats my understanding thus far, but in the mean time and also to utilise the existing created themes.

kind regards !!!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @amused,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    I'm not sure about what do you want to accomplish (sorry), would you mind elaborating this a bit more?
    Are you looking to allow access to your users to only use header customizer from Upfront and not other stuff included?

    Child theme creator is being worked on and it will available in future, you can find some more info about that here:

    Best regards,

  • amused

    thanks Predrag,
    sorry for not explaining myself clearly,
    let me try again,

    basically i just want to offer "Spirit", "Fixer" and "Scribe" as themes in a "ProSite" environment.
    i just want to offer those exact themes with different images, thats it.
    in other words, someone activates "Spirit" theme for their site but they will not see people lying on a beach with balls as the header image.

    eg. if i have a multisite community about aquatic fish, the header image would have a nice school of Loaches or Goldfish, and not "people lying on a beach with balls".

    usually one would change css, styling etc. with child themes and use this instead to keep the structure and updates of the original theme, am i correct here ?
    i believe i understand the child theme concept (obviously not completely) though i have never used them.
    so i was thinking this would be required here (but hoping i would be wrong! and child themes would not be necessary)

    thanks for the link,
    thats obviously changes possibility of my question being answered;
    i did not know it was "not currently possible to create your own child themes from upfront at this time".

    so what are my options still ?
    when child themes are supported this would be the best option for my question ?
    or is all this child theme talk not even necessary and there might be a simpler solution i am missing ?

    thanks again !!!
    BLESS !!!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @amused,

    Thanks for your patience on this one.

    If you are using Upfront editor to change the header of your sub sites all the setting are saved in your database so after you update the themes your settings will stay intact, so there is no need to use additional child themes or make any changes to theme files itself.

    Hope this clears things up a bit :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • amused

    i think i am missing something here,
    where do i make changes to the images, or in fact any change, in the main site of the multisite ?
    i can't see that being possible either,
    or are you not understanding my question yet ?

    you said "If you are using Upfront editor to change the header of your sub sites ".
    how can i do this ? i.e. use UpFront to change images and hence the theme for all sub sites.
    as i mentioned above, all sites will have different images as the default theme when they open it and of course they can change their images individually but the point is i provide a specific theme initially with specific images.

    where ? how ? if not with child themes as you mentioned, where and how exactly ?
    in the main site ? that would simply change the theme for the main site and not all subsites ? am i wrong ? and i cannot edit themes in SuperAdmin (NetWork Admin) dashboard/area !

    kind regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @amused,

    Sorry for the confusion here, so this what you need to do.
    First you will need to create new sub sites, depending on number of different headers you want to show, and activate Upfront child theme (Spirit, Fixer, Scribe) you want to use on each of them.
    Now for each site select the header using Upfront editor and save the changes.
    You will now need to install New Blog Templates plugin.
    In your network settings go to Blog Templates > Blog Templates and create new templates from the sub sites you just created.
    Your users will now be able to choose from those templates once registering the site.

    Let me know if we are now on the same page and this is what you wanted to do.

    Best regards,

  • amused

    yes even though i know of New Blog Templates and really like it,
    would you believe that did not even cross my rotten brains ?

    i guess i did focus on that because i know thats only for new sign ups and can only be caught at that stage which will not really provide what i am thinking.

    BTW does that plugin offer yet that ability to create templates and have them available to users even after they sign up without choosing a new blog template ? that would be amazing.

    any way it seem i just have to wait till UpFront provides individual theme building.

    thanks again.
    much appreciated !

  • Jude

    Hi there @amused

    Glad @Predrag Dubajic could be of help. Just chipping in with a solution. The upfront child them folder has a bunch of images in the images folder




    These folders contain the blurred out default images. You can simply replace them with you own. Keep in mind to have a backup as updates will overwrite the changes here. This is just a workaround till the official builder is out

    Hope that helps

    Get in touch for anything specific you face, in a new thread and we'd be happy to help. I am marking this one as resolved.


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