If moving site from “preview” to HTTP to HTTPS, how will this affect Hub and WPMU

Currently, to save client and sales hassle, we push all new web builds onto a "preview" domain and we use a DB script that safely replaces everything within a normal WordPress install and easily changes our URL after I change it within WHM. So I would like to know how will this affect your plugins.

I’m happy to "resubmit" the websites to the HUB maybe after we push them live, I just wonder how your stuff will react after we go from the “preview” site to the HTTP version, then the HTTPS version, changing stuff through DB scripts to push all this over a 48 hour period. We always have to let autoSSL react and verify (minimum is about an hour, I usually do it next day and allow my contractors to react).

So I’m just wondering how your whole system will react to these changes as we push the client on the "live" URL. Can we simply run our DB scripts over our WordPress installs and your system "HUB" will react?