if my ticket does not get a reply in 24 hours, do I need

Hi if my ticket does not get a reply in 24 hours, do I need to post ticket again?!

As my follow up questions have not been answered. And I know you can understand how frustration this can be when you are trying to finish a project on wordpress.

Is there another option? Is there a paid service where I can call up support member?
As I would prefer to do this, than wait around for a ticket to be answered.

I'm going to try out the live training, but what happen in a client emergency? Is there any other option then the ticket system if my issues need an immediate remedy?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Hudson,

    I hope you're well today!

    I believe you're referring to your yesterday's questions and it happens that I was the one who had answered most of them. As it comes to follow ups, the most of them are answered within 24 hours but sometimes we have a lot of threads to deal. Also it's quite common that one of us get's involved in a conversation with a community members (for example with you) here on forum but it's not always possible to resolve all the issues within one working session. Some issues are simple, some are complex and some need a bit of research or intervention from developers. And we also have to rest sometime :slight_smile:

    Having said that, if you don't get a replay to your question within a few hours, please give us a little more time. Adding new post to a thread doesn't help, as it doesn't put your question "in front of the queue", the same applies to starting new threads about the same issue. If the matter is urgent and there's absolutely no answer within the reasonable time, you can always jump up to our Live chat.

    Have a nice day (and I'm sure I'll get back to you today).

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