If plugins are "deactivated", the tables and info are removed from the database correct?

Hey folks:

If plugins are "deactivated", the tables and info are removed from the database correct? This way, they can be deactivated and not effect performance at all correct (as the plugin content, tables, or info in the databases etc are removed).

***That is deactivated but still in the list and not actually deleted . . .


  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hey Greg,

    Hope you're well today!

    Plugin deactivation usually doesn't result in data or data structure (like tables) removal. According to the WordPress Codex it even shouldn't. If you can see the plugin on the list you may safely assume that the tables and data are still there, in the database. Deleting the plugin however should result in data removal (though sometimes it does not).

    If it comes to performance, it's good to consider working plugin (as a kind of application) and its data as two things. Although strictly tied together, those affect performance different ways. Active plugin is another set of "tasks" that WordPress has to perform everytime you fire-up your website. This results in higher CPU and memory usage on the server and more data sent to user's browser as well as - often - more taks for browser and user's computer to deal with.

    On the other hand, inactive plugin doesn't do anything but its data are still inside the database, thus taking up the valuable space, resulting in heavier load for database engine.

    That being said, the data of inactive plugin will affect WP performance but usually to a small extent. With the active plugin the impact might be bigger but it all depends on the particular plugin and data.


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